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Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technology

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Prezentacija projekta IamRONNA

U sklopu godišnje dodjele sredstava Zaklade Adris koja je održana 15.11.2022 u Narodnom domu na zagrebačkom Gornjem gradu, CRTA tim prezentirao je mobilnu platformu IamRONNA (Intelligent autonomous mobile RONNA). IamRONNA[…]

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Učenici na projektu “U školi otvorene kohezije, ASOC“ posjetili CRTA-u

Ministarstvo regionalnog razvoja i fondova Europske unije (MRRFEU) već treću godinu zaredom uspješno provodi projekt „U školi otvorene kohezije, ASOC“ te je kroz spomenuti projekt uključeno u Inicijativu Partnerstva za[…]

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„Munjeviti Lojtrići“ u CRTA-i

           Dječji vrtić Lojtrica iz Velike Mlake pokraj Velike Gorice već godinama provodi kraći program rada s potencijalno darovitom djecom u dobi od 5 do 7 godina. Završni susret igraonice[…]

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Our work also includes the work on projects, few of which are listed bellow.


Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technology


Neurosurgical Robot


Autonomous System for Assessment and Prediction of Infrastructure Integrity

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CRTA at a glance

The main goal of the CRTA project is the establishment and equipping of the Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technology, which is going to be the reference center for research, development and implementation of robotic systems on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The activities of the Center are focused on research and development of advanced robotic applications in industry and medicine, where traditional automation and human labor need to be replaced by flexible, versatile and adaptive robotic systems.

CRTA can provide superior working and educational conditions for scientists, mechanical engineering students, engineers and medical personnel, while also serving as a training ground for the development, testing and refinement of advanced robotic applications.

The CRTA project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a total value of HRK 36.994.416,32. The Center began with its work at the end of 2020.


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